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There are 5 desktop and 1 notebook styles for you to choose from, and the product can be customized according to the model inches you need.

Popular all-in-one models

Type A

21.5 inches,23.8 inches,27 inches

Type D

21.5 inches,23.8 inches,27 inches

All-in-one classic model

Type H 30'inches

Functions include, webcam, microphone, fingerprint unlock, optical drive DVD

Type Z

21.5 inches,23.8 inches

Type P

21.5 inches,23.8 inches


14.1’’15.6’’16.1’’17’’ inches

Customers Reviews

Recommended by a friend, I can customize the model I need. The price/performance ratio is very good. I like it.
Andrew P

limited time offer,Come and buy now

This computer was a gift for my son and I was very happy when I received it, just as the picture describes. The feeling of use is also very good!.
Shelbit W

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